Affordable Wall Art

Are you looking for affordable wall art?

We all deserve to surround ourselves with art that we love and feel reflects our style, but sometimes these pieces can often come with a big price tag. When you want to find modern abstract artwork to fit your room and style without going over budget, Studio B/LOW is the place to be.

Every collection has been meticulously curated to showcase a consistent, modern aesthetic

We truly believe that original art should be available to everyone, whatever your budget or circumstances may be. We create affordable artwork for the modern home, and have an assortment of one-of-a-kind and affordable artworks that can be delivered right to your door.

Amongst our collection you’ll also find our e-gift cards which range from £50-£300.

To ensure that all orders arrive in perfect condition, they are carefully packaged in padded card envelopes. Shipping costs £3.95 within the UK and is free on orders over £75.00.

For expertly curated, affordably priced wall art, shop with Studio B/LOW today

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