Conversations w/ Rosie Smith

Conversations w/ Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith. A force of wonder telling stories through interior spaces.

Born in Brixton to journalist parents, stories have shaped her understanding of the world. She now lives in Amsterdam where she rolls with the ebbs and flows of the city’s gentle demeanour, bringing comfort and hints of exuberance to her interiors.

She studied design in Florence so Italian architecture also has a huge pull over her work. With a love of classic and contemporary styles, she enjoys both expressive shapes and bright, open spaces. Rosie combines the old with the new to create striking clashes that make people feel things because that’s what good stories, and interiors, are all about.

Rosie’s a thoughtful designer with an inherent love of making things. So here’s a little glimpse into the world of a girl who sometimes drapes herself in a red fur coat, sits at her white piano and settles in for an evening of making up her own songs.

What’s the interiors scene like in Amsterdam at the minute? There’s a growing trend of hybrid spaces which is not unique to Amsterdam but is definitely all over this city right now. Everywhere needs to be a workspace, a cafe and a lounge all in one, which is especially relevant now as we’re all trying to create that in our homes as well.

And what about retail spaces? The same thing is happening. There’s this need to combine experiences into one space so we’re seeing more and more lounge or cafe set-ups in stores too.

Three words to describe Amsterdam Gentle. Friendly. Gezellig (There’s no direct translation for that last one but it’s basically everything you want from a space).

What’s your interior style in three words? Sculptural. Colourful. Comfy.

Favourite place in the world for inspiration The Italian countryside.

Design crushes

Dedar Fabrics - Not affordable but so inspirational.

Carlo Scarpa - For his forms that speak to you in a space.

Ettorre Sottsass - For his wild colours and exciting shapes.

Favourite room My bedroom. I love sleeping and reading.

Last DIY project you did I put loads of thick layers of paint on a canvas and it came out candy floss pink and mint green. Not what I was going for but it’s interesting.

Have you ever hung a shelf? Yes. Loved it. Felt strong.

Favourite design faux pas Leaving things unfinished, like a cupboard with a door missing. Something that doesn’t quite land gives it a really endearing quality.

Shaggy bathroom or furry toilet seat I’d have to say both. If you’re going to do one, you have to do the other.

Beaded curtains or taxidermy I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve used both in a project before. You can see the beaded curtains in this retail space below. I’ll leave the taxidermy to your imagination.

Favourite item in your home A tiny vase shaped like a woman's head that I bought in Sicily.

If your house was burning down, what three things would you save? Spot (my cuddly toy dog), my grandmother’s jewellery, and I guess another human if there was one.

Dream product to own Melting pot table by Dirk Vander Kooij. The colourful version.


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